Little Bird

The little bird outside
Mimicked the little bird in me
That wanted desperately
To break free.

I told the little bird inside
‘Just wait, just wait.
For its written in your fate
‘Just wait, just wait.’

And so it waited.
Until its song was no more of sorrow.
But of hope.
Of Winter long gone,
Of Spring and of tomorrow.


You & I

There was a time when you and I
Spent hours beneath the moonlit sky.

We talked, and gazed, and talked some more.
To fathom what life had in store.

I remember that day.
When we forgot the everyday.

Forgot the ground beneath our feet.
And soared into life’s front row seat:

Laughed, without restrain.
Spoke, without refrain.
Loved, without pain.

There now is a time when you and I
Spend hours beneath the moonlit sky.

Forgetting the everyday.
Remembering that day.



When you brush your fingers with a tender stroke
Across my cheek when we’re altogether broke.

That’s balsam.

When you’re on your way home from a humdrum 9-5 day
And you find a gal admiring your work on the subway.

That’s balsam.

When your heart’s in the right place
Even though you’re feeling a little out of place.

That’s balsam.

And what do you do with this balm?
You let it heal you as it sinks into your heart’s palm.

And you give thanks
For that, too, is balsam.